Alcatraz the Puzzle

Can you " Escape from Alcatraz " Very few have .....

                    Alcatraz The Puzzle






Introducing the puzzle that has even the most brilliant minds stumped....  




Can you solve this brain teaser and remove the ball from its prison ?


This very unique and challenging puzzle was invented and designed by a magician, who after many years of searching for articles to add to his collection of original and unusual items could not find just what he was looking for.


So he sat down to invent it himself !!!


Starting out to create a invention was not a easy task. Everything you seem to think of is something you have seen before. But by not wanting something that already has been made and trying to make a better one , he went back to the basics of drawing shapes on paper starting with 2-D patterns, such as squares, circles, triangles, and rectangles.


Next was to go to 3-D shapes looking more like cubes and spheres but still had no idea as to how to proceed next......


But then he drew a cube and placed a sphere inside it and it looked like a ball in a cage.


He just loved the way it looked !!! Here he was looking at something he had never seen before and knew right then and there that this was what he set out to do . He knew that he could design a ball in a cage that only someone skilled in the actual mechanics of the object would be able to solve. That he would have his invention...


His first one was made of solid brass and it was used in his magic show as a trick.

As he handed it around it always seemed to draw more attention than all of his other tricks combined. Mainly because most tricks can not be handed out , but the fact that this one could be made it more personal to the people who handled it. The response was one that changed the course of how Alcatraz would be viewed even by the inventor himself. With the solution being fairly simply to do but seemingly impossible to figure out without instructions......


He knew it would be known as " Alcatraz the Puzzle "


With the interest that was very overwhelming, he made 500 hand made units in his home and of course started the patent process. It only takes one claim to the patent office to acquire a patent but this orginal product came back with a total of 7 claims.... and was granted !!!



Now it is available to you to try and "Escape from Alcatraz".


This puzzle is 100%  original, unique and offered by the inventor himself. If in any way at all you feel you did not get your money's worth you  simply return the puzzle and get a entire refund of your money ...

No questions asked !!!!!   Please DO NOT return with bent bars... hehe



Perfect Executive paper weight                               Perfect Puzzle

Perfect Magic trick                                                  Perfect Knick knack

Perfect Brain Teaser                                                Perfect Gift



This should be the standard for all products. Please see the below image  to see the quality that has been maintained in the making of this invention..


                 Alcatraz the Puzzle is made with
    Solid Brass bars

        Solid Steel Ball

              High Quality mold injected plastic


Alcatraz the Puzzle is not  Recommended   for Children   under   13 years of age  


         In accordance with :

       Product Safety Act (15 U.S.C. 2051 et seq.).

         ‘‘Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act 





                                          Reference HR 4040, ASTM F963-07 



As the Inventor, I'm certain that you will absolutely love this puzzle. I have personally presented this product to 1000s of people and other than 5 clever individuals , I have not seen  anyone else that could solve this puzzle in a less than a week without knowing the answer first . If you think you are up to it I challenge you to Escape from Alcatraz......





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Alcatraz is $12.95 + $5.00 shipping for  First class U.S.P.S. 

          To order safely through Paypal please use the Link below.......  or go to our ordering page on the button at the top of the page to see payment by Money Order and contact info for Wholesale options .                            




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