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The interest in Alcatraz is growing every day. With over 700,000 happy customers !!!

As the inventor I have had alot of fun watching people trying to solve this very tricky Brain teaser.

There is  people writing me everyday asking how to do it !!!


My first response is "Please do not give up so easy" !!!


There is a way it can be done and once known you can never solve it again on your own.  :) 


But as the Warden to Alcatraz the Puzzle I have paroled many people and also have had a few lifers who refuse to give up and have spent years behind the brass bars.   I just LOVE their passion for a good puzzle.




I never got the chance to solve this puzzle on my own , I knew how the first one was put together  and was cheated out of the challenge it offered.But watching others has made it worth the loss. 


 It's unique design made from a simple circle and a square seems to create a very attractive effect when combined into the end product I call "Alcatraz the Puzzle".


But if you are here I am sure you are looking for the way out !!!!!! Soooooooooo.... with much reluctance I will offer to you the very elusive solution to the puzzle. As a Magician it is tough to disclose my secert but the public has spoken and I now will share with you the answer "Only if you give up for good."





 Once known to you the challenge is lost forever.....









 You have to understand that the only thing you must do to escape is to use enertia to make a magnet that is stuck to a piece of steel inside the puzzle break away from the steel and allow a bar to move into the place the magnet once sat. The magnet is right above the letter Z in the word Alcatraz and must move toward the letter A in the name Alcatraz. So you must move the puzzle quickly and stop it very fast so the magnet overcomes the attraction to the steel and keeps moving into a hidden slot. Then the bar will move up into the place the magnet was and release. Then , with the bar moved out of the way the ball will come out of the puzzle. You do not remove the bar from the cage just move it aside enough for the ball to come out.To lock it you just hold the bar in place and let gravity relock the puzzle. You should hear the magnet when it re-locks to the steel. It is only one moving part. 


Do not place another magnet near the puzzle, it is not needed to unlock it. A larger magnet can demagnetize the smaller magnet hidden within.....


To watch a video of the solution click below





Alcatraz Puzzle - Revealed - Funny home videos are a click away




You were warned !!!

Now, dont you wish you would have not given up so easily????





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